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1 Camtasia Studio - capture computer screen video Software from Techsmith for PC and Mac for dynamic video capture of computer screen activity - useful for studying students' interactions with TEL systems during learning URL
2 Snapz Pro software for dynamic screen capture (Mac) Ambrosia Softare -record dynamic screen capture and audio (Mac) URL
3 Derry, S. et al. (2010) Conducting Video Research in the Learning Sciences: Guidance on Selection, Analysis, Technology, and Ethics "Focusing on expanding technical capabilities and new collaborative possibilities, we address 4 challenges for scientists who collect and use video records to conduct research in and on complex learning environments: (a) Selection: How can researchers be systematic in deciding which elements of a complex environment or extensive video corpus to select for study? (b) Analysis: What analytical frameworks and practices are appropriate for given research problems? (c) Technology: What technologies are available and what new tools must be developed to support collecting, archiving, analyzing, reporting, and collaboratively sharing video? and (d) Ethics: How can research protocols encourage broad video sharing and reuse" URL
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