This database provides methods for assessing subjective experience e.g. learner engagement, attitudes, recording and analysis of discourse, dialogue.

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1 "Quantifying Qualitative Analyses of Verbal Data: A Practical Guide" (1997) Michelene T . H. Chi This article provides one example of a method of analyzing qualitative data in an objective and quantifiable way. journal paper (pdf)
2 Psychology Network - TQRMUL : Practicals and teaching materials Practicals and teaching materials on teaching qualitative research methods for undergraduates URL
3 Social Scientists Wade the Tweet Stream. Miller, G. Sep 2011 "The 5-year-old social media Web site Twitter now claims that more than 100 million users post 230 million "tweets" (text messages up to 140 characters long) every day. In that torrent of data, some social scientists see an unprecedented opportunity to study human communication and social networks. On page 1878 of this week's issue of Science, researchers report their effort to use Twitter to study the collective moods of millions of people in diverse cultures around the world in real time. Their findings paint a portrait of humanity's mood swings." Science. URL
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