Multi-source data

This database provides resources on synchronising for combined analysis, say, video of a learner with audio recording of spoken comments, plus screen capture of his or her interactions with computer.

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1 Coding gestural behavior with the NEUROGES–ELAN system. Lausberg, H. & Sloetjes, H. (2009) Behavior Research Methods article. Coding and annotation system for gestural behavior. journal paper
2 Computer-assisted qualitative data analysis systems (CAQDAS) networking project University of Surrey Providesl support, training and information in the use of a range of software programs designed to assist qualitative data analysis as well as a platform for debate. URL
3 Online QDA - learning qualitative data analysis on the web. University of Huddersfield. Online learning materials on qualitative data analysis (QDA) and computer-assisted qualitative data analysis systems (CAQDAS) URL
4 The big picture: Video and the representation of interaction. Plowman, L. & Stephen, C. (2008) British Educational Research Journal article. Translation of video into other mediums, analysis of video source data. journal paper
5 "CowLog: Open-source software for coding behaviors from digital video" (2009) Laura Hänninen and Matti Pastell We have developed CowLog, which is open-source software for recording behaviors from digital video and is easy to use and modify. CowLog tracks the time code from digital video files. journal paper
6 The Observer XT: A tool for the integration and synchronization of multimodal signals Zimmerman, P.H. et al. (2009) Describes how The Observer XT was used to integrate and synchronize video, observational, tracking, and physiological data from an experiment carried out in 2001 at the Wageningen Institute of Animal Sciences of Wageningen University and Research Centre. journal paper
7 Video in Qualitative Research. Heath, C. et al. (2010) Provides practical guidance for students and academics on how to use video in qualitative research, how to address the problems and issues that arise in undertaking video-based field studies and how to subject video recordings to detailed scrutiny and analysis. book
8 "Frequency Distributions, Mean and Standard Deviation" Handout explaining Univariate Statistics as displayed in SPSS. handout (pdf)
9 InTUTE - Statistics - NOTE: InTute will be closing July 2011 InTute (part of Research Discovery Network) Repository of statistics resources for research. URL
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